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happy birthday tifa-bells by sasuke-the-pervert happy birthday tifa-bells by sasuke-the-pervert
well i 'll get killed for this but any way i hope :icontifa-bells: likes her birthday gift early but my friend :iconsupro3d: made this for me for :icontifa-bells: birthday gift because our birthdays are 2 days apart i'm on the 15th and she is on the 17th , tifa-bells is a steelerfan i asked for this to be made for a red skin fan so in other words it's a gag birthday gift ,he used me in this photo here in my teens when i was so skinny [link] i 'm going to put up a little story line for this, please bare with me

tifa-bells hellow i need to go to auburn college please
me sure what brings you to auburn city may i ask,
tifa-bells i'm a scout for the redskins looking over the team
me is that soo i'm Clint Moseley the QB , just working out my legs at this job
tifa-bells WHAT!, YOUR WHO?
me yeah i am Clint Moseley, track and football draftie
tifa-bells well well well you just saved me time finding you , i can why you stay fit doing this job,
me yes miss i love it , may i ask what made you come to auburn to look me over?
tifa-bells it's your arm and speed, being so fast on the feild,
me i thought soo after cam gave me pointers,
tife-bells you look soo young ,
me yeah i am i'm only twenty years old , but i work out alot everyday
tifa-bells yes yes i see that , your muscles are huge , i hope your not taking roids,
me hell no i do not take riods, i am drug free,
tifa-bells i am sorry about that my fault for asking ,me ,no me no it's ok it's better it came from me to you then the ncca finding out in a test , by the way nice body you got ,
tifa-bells thank you ,wait !did you just flirt with me ,
me , just a coment , i seen alot of beach bunnys on the beach like you ,
tifa-bells well we are looking for a QB in the first round after the baddest year we had , after loseing mcnabb,
me , you mean mcbadd who always loses ,he's why too old and done ,
tifa-bells i agree
me so who else are you eyeing , may i ask,
tifa-bells hmmmmmmmmm a safty and a wr that 's it
me ok miss here we are aburn college , that's $45.00 from the airport miss
tifa-bells thank you , here's a $100.00 bill and my card , i'll keep in touch with you ok, chow see you in the draft this year
me huh yeah i will see you in the draft room , hope you pick me first ,
tifa-bells i always get what i want in more ways then one , the owner is my dad,
me what!
tifa-bells by the way don't get hurt , and stay in shape ok good looking ,
me sure thing , see yea

:icontifa-bells: is going to kill me for this idea. sigh ...
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tifa-bells Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012
OMG lol i love this hahahah tysm hun :hug:
sasuke-the-pervert Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012
sooo dose it look like you in real life??
or am i realy going to get killed by your hands for this little birthday gag gift , i was realy tired when i told him how to make it ,sorry steelerfan or should i say red skin fan
Slasher-The-Wolfen Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
sasuke-the-pervert Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012
you like the photo and the story line
Slasher-The-Wolfen Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
mhm ^^ its nice
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